Why we do what we do

We love animals! Our vision is to help create a kind and compassionate community that respects the dignity of all animals.
The SPCA Movement is the only animal welfare organisation in South Africa empowered by law to enforce animal protection laws. We are a unique community- and volunteer-led organisation working with the community to improve the welfare of animals. We strive to prevent cruelty, educate people and help animals.
The work we do would not be possible without the generous support of people like you.


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I love the germiston spca, I have adopted 3 dogs from there and they are awesome people! They care alot whether the animals are going to good homes, so don’t be disheartened if they ask alot of questions that is what they do. Speak for those who can’t! If you have the time, love and space to adopt, please do. Now we have 4 beauties!!!

I love the Germiston SPCA

Since 2009 we have adopted through Germiston. All three dogs needed a little house training and adjusting. They settled in after a few months with only Daisy, found as a severely abused lady, taking a little longer. Daisy turned out to be the most loving darling but her early neglect caught up with her and she went over the rainbow after being with us for three years.

Since 2009 we have adopted through Germiston